Exterior floors: treating and caring for wooden terraces


To prepare your outdoor terrace for winter, there are several interesting treatment and care products available. One recommended option is the Devo SunShield Wood Protector, a fast-drying impregnating protection and anti-slip product for outdoor wood. This product provides a durable film that protects the wood from decay, loss of cohesion, dimensional instability, and cracking. It is suitable for all types of wood, including exotic, European hardwood, resinous woods, and heat-treated wood. Additionally, it offers excellent resistance to weather conditions, UV rays, and oxidation.

To nourish the wood of your outdoor terrace, we recommend applying the Devo SunShield Wood Protector in the appropriate colour. The pigment in the product helps protect the wood for a longer time. Preparatory steps include ensuring that the surface is clean, dry, free from dust, grease, wax, oil, and old finishes. Then, apply the product with a brush or block brush in the direction of the wood grain. A second coat can be applied after 2 hours of drying, and sanding between coats is not necessary. The drying time is approximately 3-4 hours, and after about 48 hours, the terrace is ready for foot traffic again.

Minor damages on your outdoor terrace can be repaired by first determining whether it is minimal contamination or degradation. For minor issues, cleaning with Devo Outdoor Woodcleaner and applying a new layer of Devo SunShield Wood Protector is often sufficient. For more contamination or degradation, light sanding may be necessary before applying a new layer.

For refreshing a terrace, there are Devo cleaning machines available, such as the Devo PowerBrusher DPB185. This brushing machine thoroughly removes dirt and grey wood layers and is ideal for preparing the wood for oils. The integrated vacuum ensures efficient collection of wood dust. Other options are also available, like the Devo SideBrusher DSB110, a hand brushing machine with electronic speed control and vacuum connection. For cleaning narrow edges and corners, you can use the Devo MiniBrusher DMB100.

With these products and machines, you can effectively protect, nourish, and maintain your outdoor terrace, making it winter-ready and looking as good as new. Always remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for optimal results.

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