Become a DevoNatural professional for parquet treatment!

Take advantage of the "DevoNatural craftsman" partnership!

DevoNatural Qualified Parquet Service

DevoNatural "professionnal parquet products" are environmentally friendly products that meet the highest standards of parquet treatment. Quality without compromise and products made with the best raw materials and the latest technologies. DevoNatural follows interior design trends with original colors and contemporary finishes.

DevoNatural "varnish, oil, floor wax or soap" represents the highest possible degree of environmental friendliness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, color fastness, UV resistance, hardness, etc. The products are easy to process and have the shortest possible drying time! It also provides the right maintenance product for each type of finish.

A craftsman who has a "DevoNatural certificate of competence" and primarily uses DevoNatural products enjoys the right to use the brand name and quality label "DevoNatural craftsman"! The DevoNatural certificate of competence is awarded to craftsmen who have completed the DevoNatural training program!

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As a DevoNatural professional, you will enjoy special benefits and support:

  • Recognition as a DevoNatural professional with the DevoNatural "qualified parquet service" quality label.
  • Technical training for the correct use of the parquet sanders.
  • Technical training for the correct application of all the DevoNatural products.
  • Complete range of leveling agents, primers, adhesives, fillers, parquet varnishes, parquet oils, floor polishes, wood soaps, cleaners and maintenance products.
  • Strong website support including Google Adwords campaigns, etc.
  • Parket technology and parquet marketing.
  • Commercial advice for optimal marketing.
  • Sample texts for quotations, sales conditions, site delivery, advertisements, brochures, etc.
  • Wet and dry color swatches and product samples.
  • Permanent access to the DevoNatural ombudsman parquet technician.
  • Regular info evenings.
  • Folder materials, business cards, stationery, etc.
  • Media package for your own DevoNatural publicity and adjustments of your website.
  • Repair of your parquet sander(s) within 4 working days with possibility of replacement machine(s).
  • DevoNatural work clothes.
  • Working stand-by by experienced DevoNatural practice technicians. Also for expert services!
  • And so on, etc.

With the partnership "DevoNatural practitioner" you are much stronger in all respects!

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