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Devo, quality brand for parquet products and machines!

Devo® is one of the brands of Devomat Industries from Edegem-Belgium, an established name in the parquet world since 1980.

The company grew strongly over the past 40 years, focusing on further growth in its 4 core segments: primers and adhesives, sanders, abrasives and finishing products. By establishing a separate R&D department for each of these segments, a high level of specialisation and rapid product development was achieved across the entire range of activities.

Today, most products and machines are marketed under the general brand name Devo.

Devo products and machines are known for their quality, durability and innovative character. Customers can count on high-performance technical products coupled with top service!

Devo primers and adhesives

A wide range of technical primers, which provide a solution in complex problem situations and guarantee high-quality parquet installation. Various parquet adhesives, including various 2-component PU adhesives and MS polymer and hybrid adhesives. The right adhesive for the application, taking into account the diverse requirements of the professional.

Devo parquet sanders

To develop the new line of Devo belt and roller sanders, we listened carefully to the daily needs of the craftsman. The result is a line of more compact machines, lighter in weight, vibration-free, high sanding efficiency and a very competitive price!

Our technical service is on standby! Experienced technicians and spare parts always in stock. Devo has been known as a reliable machine brand for many years!

Devo abrasives

The extensive range of antistatic abrasives. Manufacturing according to the strictest standards with selected components, reinforced packaging and air-conditioned storage make the difference. In addition, EAN codes and grit indications are highly readable.

Recently, Devomat Industries launched the exclusive Devo Turbo Fiberpad™. An innovative abrasive that is currently conquering the European parquet market.

Devo finishing products

Full range of environmentally friendly products for colouring, finishing and maintaining parquet and plank floors.

Devo, professional parquet products, are products that meet the highest standards in parquet treatment.

Quality without compromise and products made with the best raw materials and the latest technologies.

Devo follows interior design trends with original colours and contemporary finishes!

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