Our 4 core values: quality, service, knowledge and contact


From in our R&D department to when a product is applied on site, and all facets along the way, quality always comes first. Quality raw materials, quality production methods and, of course, end products, quality service ... in short, it is our daily endeavour to bring out the best in everything! This is the only way our customers get what they are entitled to expect. Products made and delivered with care and professionalism, resulting in the best end result.


As you would expect from a good supplier in the 21st century, we provide solid service.

Our own logistics service, daily shipments with couriers, collection and repair of machines, standby at your sites with any measurements and advice, assistance in problem situations, etc...

With dedication, knowledge and commitment, name recognition and trust were built at home and abroad, where people are charmed by Devomat's "OTHER, professional and personal approach" in all respects. The continuous quality control, the availability of the entire Devomat team, the tailor-made customer service and the practice-oriented transfer of knowledge, are the pillars of Devomat Industries' success!


Our knowledge and experience are not factory secrets, we are happy to make them available to our loyal customers. Through regular training courses, workshops and networking events, we bring customers together and share our knowledge. We are happy to help you grow and become stronger!


As a family business of more than 40 years, we value mutual respect, sincerity, friendliness and collegiality. We deal with each other in a friendly and respectful manner and in the same way we try to cooperate with our customers. As a result, we have built up many wonderful and long-term partnerships.

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