Devo Lignum Pura - True "invisible" you don't see !


But what if truly invisible was also sustainable, organic, hard-wearing, easy to use and easy to maintain?

You didn't think that was possible?

Until now, those who invested in sustainable organic paints had to compromise on the product's performance. Organic or environmentally friendly did not always mean wear-resistant or user-friendly... and vice versa.

Devo's lab technicians tinkered with an innovative product formula with a new plant-based binder. Unfortunately, the corona pandemic caused some delay, but we are now ready with a product that will amaze you: Devo Lignum Pura!

Devo Lignum Pura consists largely of plant-based bio-polyurethane, drastically reducing the share of fossil raw materials. Moreover, 100% recycled HDPE from a Belgian manufacturer was chosen for the packaging.

Devo Lignum Pura is taking the lead in a new generation of organic lacquers and our new formula offers many "unprecedented" new benefits!

  • After drying, Devo Lignum Pura does not discolour the wood and the product is so matt that the end result is truly invisible. A board treated with Devo Lignum Pura is indistinguishable from a board without a protective coating!
  • Due to the extreme mattness of the binding agent, no matting agent is added, which means an enormous reduction of the sensitivity to touch. Moreover, the finished floor is highly wear-resistant and not susceptible to gloss streaks!
  • With an ultra-fast drying time of barely 2 hours per coat, a professional can finish the floor with 3 coats "without setting" in one day!
  • Devo Lignum Pura is a 1-component lacquer, so: no unusable product surpluses, no hassle with mixing A and B components and very easy to apply.

Devo Lignum Pura meets customer requirements for a contemporary and environmentally conscious floor finish in every respect. With this innovative invisible product, the professional has all the trumps to deliver a beautiful natural and well-protected floor quickly and easily!

Contact us and get to know Devo Lignum Pura. You will surely become as enthusiastic as we are.

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